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Administrative Records

The Museum keeps and makes available various administrative records from the museum departments, related organizations, and different curatorial sections.

Administrative Records
0001 Office of the Director
0001.01 Board of Managers
0001.02 Stewart Culin
0001.03 George B. Gordon
0001.04 Horace H. F. Jayne
0001.05 George C. Vaillant
0001.06 Marian Angell Godfrey Boyer
0001.07 Froelich G. Rainey
0001.08 Martin Biddle
0001.09 Robert H. Dyson
0001.10 Jeremy A. Sabloff
0001.11 Richard Leventhal (forthcoming)
0001.12 Richard Hodges (forthcoming)
Museum Departments
0002 Buildings / Office of the Superintendent
0003 Conservation Laboratory
0004 Membership
0005 Education Department
0006 Exhibits Department
0007 Registrar’s Office / Collections
0008 Information Technology
0009 Development Office / Rentals
0010 Events
0011 Business Office
0012 Publicity / Public Information Office
0013 Publications Department
0014 Archives
0015 Photography Studio
0016 Sales / Museum Shop
0017 Women's Committee
0018 Library
Related Organizations
0031 University Archaeological Association
0032 Egypt Exploration Fund
0033 American Exploration Society
0034 Babylonian Exploration Fund (with Nippur)
0035 Archaeological Institute of America (Philadelphia Chapter)
0036 Philadelphia Anthropological Society
0037 Kolb Foundation
0038 Lucy Wharton Drexel Medal
0039 “What in the World?” Television Program
0040 Works Progress Administration
Curatorial Sections
0041 African Section
0042 Stewart Culin
0043 Henry U. Hall
Heinrich A. Weischhoff
Carleton S. Coon
0044 American Section
0045 Charles C. Abbott
Henry C. Mercer
Stewart Culin
George B. Gordon
0046 George G. Heye
William C. Farabee
0047 Louis Shotridge
0048 J. Alden Mason
0049 Frances Eyman
0050 H. Newell Wardle
0051 Linton Satterthwaite
0052 Asian Section
Stewart Culin
0053 Carl W. Bishop
0054 Helen Fernald
0055 Schuyler V. R. Cammann
0056 Egyptian Section
0057 Sara Y. Stevenson
David Randall-MacIver
Clarence S. Fisher
Battiscombe Gunn
Hermann Ranke
Rudolph Anthes
0058 European Archaeology Section
0059 Mediterranean Section
Sara Y. Stevenson
William N. Bates
0060 Edith Hall Dohan
Stephen B. Luce
Rodney S. Young
G. Roger Edwards
0061 Near East Section / Babylonian Section (Tablet Collection)
0062 Hermann V. Hilprecht
Stephen Langdon
0063 Leon Legrain
Samuel N. Kramer
Francis R. Steele
Robert H. Dyson
James B. Pritchard
0064 Oceanian Section
Stewart Culin
William H. Furness
George B. Gordon
Henry U. Hall
Ward H. Goodenough
William Davenport
0065 Section of General Ethnology
Stewart Culin
William H. Furness
0066 George B. Gordon
Henry U. Hall
Carleton S. Coon
Ward H. Goodenough
0067 Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology
0068 Elizabeth K. Ralph
0069 Henry N. Michael
0070 Radiocarbon Laboratory