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Loren Eiseley Circle Members

The Penn Museum gratefully acknowledges the following members of the Loren Eiseley Circle, individual donors of $1,500 to unrestricted operating funds during 2020–2021.

Donors mingling at a catered event in the Warden Garden.

Loren Eiseley—University of Pennsylvania Provost, Benjamin Franklin Professor, anthropologist, ecologist, science writer, and poet—believed that life’s mysteries were infinite and was committed to exploring them. The members of the Loren Eiseley Circle uphold his legacy by supporting the stewardship of our world-renowned collections, groundbreaking teaching, and public outreach.

  • Clara F. Armstrong, M.D., HON17, and Clay M. Armstrong, M.D., PAR
  • Catherine and Gregory Brennan
  • Sara M. Brown, Ph.D., GRD64
  • Ann B. Brownlee, Ph.D., and David B. Brownlee, Ph.D.
  • Mari and Robert Corson
  • Edwin D. Coyle, Ed.D., GED05, and Patricia Coyle
  • Mark P. Curchack, Ph.D., and Peggy L. Curchack
  • Dwight E. Edwards, Esquire, L83, and Jennifer Edwards
  • Howard J. Eisen, M.D., M81, INT84, and Judith E. Wolf, M.D., INT84
  • Gary A. Emmett, M.D., and Marianne Emmett, M.D.
  • Gerald G. Forney, C71, and Irene Ludwig
  • Jeff Cepull and Lynne A. Hunter, Ph.D.
  • Anne and John Iskrant
  • DruEllen Kolker and James D. Kolker, M.D., C76
  • Doranne M. Lackman and Richard D. Lackman, M.D., M77, INT82, PAR
  • Krishna Lahiri, Ph.D., GR79
  • Dale P. Levy, Esq., L67, and Richard D. Levy, CGS07
  • Ole W. Lyngklip III, Esquire, C85
  • Martha and Peter Morse
  • Gary Hatfield, Ph.D., and Holly Pittman, Ph.D.
  • Anthony B. Riley
  • Brian M. Salzberg, Ph.D.
  • Diane and Warren Seider, PAR
  • Mary Ellen Simmons, O.D., C81, and Steve Simmons
  • Georg U. and Janet A. Simon, LPS08
  • Lee Evan Tabas, C72, ME72, and Nancy Freeman Tabas, PAR
  • Jeannette G. Tregoe, PAR
  • Samuel Phineas Upham, Ph.D., WG05, GRW06 and April Thygeson
  • Peggy B. Wachs, Esquire, CW59, GCP75, L86, PAR
  • Caroline Waxler, C93 and Michael Levitt
  • Deborah R. Willig, Esquire, CW72