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Ancient Architects of North America

Free with General Admission
Closed on April 26, 2020

woman looking at the underwater panther in a case

underwater panther


  • Insights into moundbuilders through the items they discard.
  • A mythical creature that played an important role in Eastern Native American religion.
  • Hints left in the iconography of Mississippian pottery about the myths and stories of their creators..
  • Beautiful photographs documenting these massive earthworks..


You might be familiar with some of the more famous monuments around the globe—the Great Pyramids in Egypt; Stonehenge in England; Machu Picchu in Peru. But did you know we have our own impressive monuments right here in the United States? Some even older than the pyramids, these spectacular earthworks give us glimpses into more than 5,000 years of Native North American history. Moundbuilders explores the fascinating story of Native American moundbuilding through a variety of photographs, artifacts, archival materials, and excavation records.

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