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Group Visits

Unlock the wonder and mystery of the human story through a guided tour. Perfect for groups of 10 or more.

A docent giving a tour in the Middle East Galleries.
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Everyone at the museum was most helpful and friendly, from those who took our reservation, to those who welcomed us, to the guide, to the servers in the cafeteria.
Foulkeways, February 2023, Eastern Mediterranean Tour

Three floors of art and artifacts spanning the entire history of human civilization from Mesopotamia to Egypt to Greece - there is always something fascinating for your group to unearth at the Penn Museum. Groups of 10 or more save on admission and tours, so book your group experience today!

Get up to 33% off admission on groups of ten or more. Our team can help you arrange bus parking, private lunch, or private tours for less than 10 people. Children 5 and under are free. See Getting Here for parking details.

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Tours can accommodate up to 30 people per guide and are available in multiple languages.

World Wonder Awaits
Tour group in the Asia Gallery. Ancient depiction of winemaking. A carving of two people seated at a table and eating found on a cylinder seal. Gem carved into the shape of Medusa's head. Queen Puabi's headdress.

Take a deep dive into one of our signature galleries through a one-hour guided tour. Tours of a singular gallery are sure to be as exciting as they are informative.

Explore how our ancestors partied like it was 5000 BCE! View early drinking vessels that reveal secrets of ancient Greek drinking games and the beverage served at a feast hosted by King Midas. Finish the tour off with a beer tasting that showcases a beer that tastes very similar to an ancient recipe discovered by a Penn biomolecular archaeologist!

Look under the microscope and discover what ancient food remains can tell us about what people were eating up to 6,000 years ago. The tour will highlight objects from across Museum galleries, as well as our newest exhibition, Ancient Food & Flavor. An optional 30-minute add-on workshop provides participants with the chance to try using ancient food preparation tools.

Where in the Museum do monsters hide, with demons and guardians lurking inside? With amulet in hand, come hunt creatures small and grand! Have you ever been curious about the origins of legendary creatures like vampires and werewolves? Join us to learn what makes a monster and face off against creatures that go bump in the night.

Women are often invisible in our accounts of the past, overshadowed by more famous men. Tales of adventurous female archaeologists who have excavated ancient sites and translated undeciphered scripts illustrate the different ways that societies think of womanhood and gender, exploring how women self-represent and are represented across time and space.

A tour group in the Greece Gallery.

Museum Highlights

Archaeology Around the Museum

What do objects tell us about the history, culture, and technology of the societies that produced them? This tour explains how archaeologists know what they know about ancient peoples. By looking at some of the most important Museum objects, further your understanding of our shared humanity and learn more about the mysteries solved by studying artifacts.

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Dig deeper with these add-on activities

Explore the Penn Museum's historic Archives, housed in the charming nineteenth century former library of the museum! The records within this intriguing space tell the story of where and how we obtained the objects in the Penn Museum, right from the words of working archaeologists!

Length: 1 hour; Capacity: 20 participants/session

A group in the archives.

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Unable to visit the Penn Museum? We offer live virtual version of our tours, including Ancient Alcohol with option beer and wine pairings.

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